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My name is Scott. I created The Disciplined Warrior (TDW) in response to the daily questions I would get from people around my community who wanted to know how I transformed myself from a lethargic, overweight middle aged guy, to a highly energetic, active, healthy adult.


Recognizing that once people hit their 30s they need total health help, I combined my passion for health and fitness with my love of teaching and did all the research, tested all the tricks, and cracked the total health “code” so I could help others, just like myself, achieve their health and fitness goals.


As we get older and life’s responsibilities including work and family only grow, it is essential to not just workout, but do so in a highly efficient, effective way. By taking a holistic approach to health, starting with the mind, then nutrition, weight training, cardio, and spirituality, you can experience dramatic results with small sustainable changes. I am 110% committed to helping you feel better today, tomorrow and beyond, than you’ve ever felt before. Join me on this lifelong journey of profound health, energy, and happiness.

What are my qualifications? I am fortunate to have had a long lifetime's worth of experiences in just the 'first half' of my life. Specific experiences and accomplishments include: winning 2 world and 14 national sailing championships, completing multiple Ironman triathlons (and many shorter distance races), finishing 6 marathons, (and countless 10Ks, half marathons, etc.) earning 3rd degree black in Shaolin Kempo (and living at temple/martial arts training center in China for a month), co-founding a company that went public with a $1 billion+ valuation, graduating from Harvard Business School, earning multiple degrees from Tufts University, attending the London School of Economics, being a published author, raising 2 amazing kids, and most importantly going through my own journey of being healthy and fit...'letting it go'...and getting it back with a vengeance. I have a deep passion for helping others develop habits that lead to an amazingly healthy, fit, energetic and youthful lifestyle.


Scott Kyle


Scott Kyle


Scott Kyle
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