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What You Don't Do Matters More.

People will see a fit, athletic person and think to themselves that the person is only that way because he lifts more than they do, does more cardio, has more time to work out, or more money to spend on nutrition/personal trainers, etc. The fact is that what separates my health and fitness from the average Joe in the gym (not to mention the nearly 70% of adult men in the US who are obese) is what I DON’T do rather than what I do…do (Austin Powers reference, “…allow myself to introduce…myself… ).

Ways "I DO NOT" Leads To Superior Health and Fitness

  • Make excuses as to why I’m not in the kind of shape I want to be (I make a detailed plan; instill daily habits; experience positive changes over time).

  • Sit around between lifting sets texting on my phone (at a minimum I walk around, better yet I move quickly from one exercise to the other leads to more calories burned. Contact me directly for more details).

  • Stuff my face with high calorie, low quality foods (I eat low calorie, nutrition rich foods with occasional, conscious exceptions).

  • Consume alcohol which is the very worst thing you can put in your body for many reasons but in particular for muscle growth/fat loss, not to mention about half your internal organs (instead I drink water).

  • Waste my time doing useless cardio like the elliptical where you burn about 8 calories per hour (instead I do high intensity interval training – HIIT – where in 1/3rd the time I torch more calories and increase my metabolism post workout).

The list goes on – you get the point.

These things not only don’t take time and money, they actually GIVE you time and / or money (in many ways I will cover in the future).

So stop making excuses, stop thinking the other guy is fit just because he has certain resources (time, money, access to gym, etc) that you don’t have. The things we decide not to do can have an even greater impact on our health and fitness over time. Commit to a small change (here is 1 simple one: leave your phone in your locker at the gym and make your workout full of continuous movement – you’ll complete your workout in less time and burn more fat along the way), make it a daily habit, and very soon it will take no discipline at all as it will merely part of your daily rituals – in many cases that you look forward to.

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