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The 10 minutes That Matter Most

The 10 Minutes That Matter Most

There are 1,440 minutes in a day; about 10 matter most. Below are a few for your consideration:

  • The first 2 minutes after awaking: your thoughts, positive or negative, set the tone for the day.

  • The 10 seconds before you decide to drink water or alcohol: this one simple decision will impact dramatically a dozen or more areas of your life (see previous newsletter – Without Alcohol)

  • The approximately 1 ½ minutes it takes to do ‘forced reps’ (extra hard reps) during your weight workout: this will determine if your muscles grow or atrophy.

  • The moment before you walk in the door to greet your partner: do you display love, affection, a desire to listen and positive energy? Or do you complain endlessly about your day? This will in part determine if your relationship gets closer or more distant over time.

  • The minute you decide to say hello or not to that person you keep seeing in the gym/around town: this could make the difference between ongoing awkward interaction and a lifelong friend or business associate.

  • The time it takes to decide whether to flip on the TV or read a book: your mind is the most important muscle in your body and most powerful computer known. How you treat it daily will impact your ability to think clearly, make smart decisions, moderate your emotions, etc.

There are a few key moments in the day, points of decision making that over time can move your life in one direction over the other. Generally, make wise choices during these moments and your life heads in one direction. Form poor choices and the outcome is very different. As we are not always in the best state of mind to make good choices (e.g. when out with friends who have a tendency to drink too much), employ the power of visualization to strengthen your neural pathways towards your desired outcome so that in the moment you are more likely to take action consistent with your goals. If you optimize these few moments and important choices in your life, the rest of your time will be more productive, healthy, and joyful

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