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Shift Your Attitude To Unleash Success.

Everyone finds himself in a situation where he (believes he) cant work out due to things like travel, injury, some event on the calendar, etc. During these times our mind tends to focus on what we ‘can’t’ do, eg “…I can’t work out because I hurt my knee.”

Consider this important mental shift: When you find yourself thinking similar thoughts, write down a list of all the things you CAN do. Here are just a few – the list is actually much longer than what your mind is telling you that you can’t do:

  • Eat higher quality foods (salad rather than pasta, etc).

  • Drink less alcohol (save $s, feel better, lose weight, be more productive, sleep better, etc).

  • When at airport walk around rather than sitting while waiting for plane.

  • At hotel get in a quick workout before a meeting/meal starts.

  • Lift legs extra hard if arm is sore (lift whatever body parts aren’t injured).

  • Swim or bike if can’t run (when I broke my ankle I rode a stationary bike with one leg – it was fun).

The list of things you still can do is virtually endless.

Taking it to the next level, don’t just write down all the things you can do (rather than fixate/use as an excuse things you can’t do), APPRECIATE – be thankful for, have GRATITUDE for that which you can do. That will shift your mindset very quickly and it all starts with the mind, with attitude.

Be THANKFUL that your legs are working fine and that you can lift legs/bike/run/whatever even though your shoulder hurts. Hell, you could have no legs at all. Have gratitude.

It is rare in life we can't do SOMETHING to further our health and fitness. If you have your WHY’s down – why is something important to you, why MUST you have it (verus shoulda coulda woulda blah blah blah) then through a little resourcefulness we can find endless alternatives to replace the few restrictions temporarily placed on us at any point in time.

Living a healthy, vibrant life is a choice. A conscious, aware choice. Progressing regularly towards excellent health and fitness is a lifestyle. Let the other guy be the one who speaks in terms of negative excuses. You be the one who is perpetually seeking ways to accomplish your goals, taking small steps daily toward a greater you tomorrow.

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