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3 Things To Do This Week To Change Your Life For The Better

  • Spend less time on your phone. Through repeated action we strengthen, for better or worse, the neural pathways in our brain. Fortunately our brain has neuroplasticity meaning that we can alter these pathways. Through actions performed in many cases hundreds of times a day (picking up, looking at, responding to, etc our phones), many of us have formed a habit if not addiction to interacting with our phones. You see it at the gym, in cars, when walking down the street, etc. It is not easy, but you can modify your behaviors by repeating different ones. There are many ways of attacking this – eg substitute something else (every time you have the urge to reach for your phone reach for something else). You can also develop a mantra like, “….what I am doing at this moment in time is more important than what might be on my phone….” The point is it takes conscious, disciplined action to undo the bad habit until a new habit is formed. Then it no longer takes discipline at all; its routine. Altering a habit in this case will have the effect of freeing up time, reducing anxiety, shifting focus to higher value things in life, and other benefits.​​​​​​​

  • Drink more water and less of everything else. This will improve your skin, revitalize your organs, facilitate weight loss, and provide myriad other benefits.

  • Have your last meal be an hour earlier than you usually eat (which ties in nicely with daylight savings time), and have it be slightly smaller. Between drinking more water and having a slightly smaller/earlier meal, you will likely lose 1 – 2 lbs of fat this week. You will have more energy, look better, and feel better. Do this for a few weeks in a row and….well you can do the math.


  • Do something nice for someone else. It can be anything, and simple. You will know the opportunity when you see it, and you will feel the benefits once you do it.

That’s it, keep it simple.

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