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Change Your Life By Doing This One Simple Thing.

I have discovered a Magic Pill.

This pill does many of the following depending on your specific circumstances:

  1. Improves your skin.

  2. Helps you absorb many important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc, etc.

  3. Enhances your sex life.

  4. Causes rapid fat loss.

  5. Helps to grow important muscle which we otherwise lose with age.

  6. Improves your mood (and leads to fewer mood swings).

  7. Promotes better sleep – virtually overnight (excuse the pun).

  8. Reduces cholesterol.

  9. Causes you to pee less.

  10. Makes your brain really fucking clear – helps decision making, etc.

  11. Lowers health care costs.

  12. Improves various vital organs like your liver function, reduces chances of kidney disease, staves off heart disease…reduces blood pressure. Really quickly (within months if not weeks).

  13. In general gives you higher energy.

  14. The pill makes you look several years younger within weeks of taking it.

  15. Increases general productivity.

  16. Reduces headaches.

  17. Improves workouts.

  18. Pays you $5 - $20 or more daily. Yes, the pill MAKES you money (not to mention it gives you more physical energy and clarity of thought at work which will invariably lead to higher income).

  19. It boosts your reputation among your peers and serves to make you a better role model to your children or people who look up to you.

  20. Reduces anxiety.

Think of the pill in the film Limitless, minus the side effects. What would you pay for such a Magic Pill? It seems priceless, right? In many respects it is. It turns out that by making just ONE SMALL DECISION, the pill is yours….

OK, obviously I’m talking about the consumption of alcohol.

As with many areas of our life – finances, relationship, nutrition, etc. – we know intellectually what we should do, but we fall short on the execution. Alcohol consumption – what is for many a taboo subject – is an area where literally with one single decision, one single (‘simple’) change, we can dramatically improve our lives overnight – forever. Then why is it that over 70% of US adults consume alcohol to an extent where it has clearly detrimental effects both in the short and long term?

As usual, it comes down to one thing: the mind, your greatest asset and your worst enemy (if you let it be so). Yes a certain percentage of the US adult population (estimated to be around 10%) has a true addiction to alcohol, but for most drinkers it simply comes down to a more basic concept: it is a bad habit developed years ago when we were in a very different stage of life (e.g. in college). The good news is that habits can be changed. In fact they can be changed literally in one moment if the circumstances are right. I know there is the whole ‘….it takes 21 days to change a habit’ thing and there is some merit to that. But what typically happens is that we think to ourselves for months, even years, that we should make a change, only to see time pass with no material alteration to our daily ritual. Only until there is some cataclysmic event occurs – getting into an accident, receiving a DUI, having a loved one die from an alcohol related disease - - or when we simply decide “NO MORE” - - that a permanent change takes place. And then it tends to occur instantaneously.

I will write more about this vital subject in the future; the goal today is just to plant a seed (or maybe scare the shit out of some, or inspire others to take action). But think about this: if you were in the middle of a walk on the beach, or a morning workout at the gym, and someone handed you your favorite alcoholic drink, would you take it? Chances are very high the answer is NO! Why? Because of your circumstances and state of mind. So I want you to do this: think about the times you do drink. Be very specific, and brutally honest. Where are you? (literally). Who do you tend to be with (do you have ‘drinking buddies’)? What day(s) of the week is it? What time? What is your state of mind? (once you start drinking, by definition your state of mind is altered so you are no longer in a position to make sound decisions). Begin to think about what you could, what you would like, to replace those settings with that sound even more attractive than what you are doing when you drink. The goal is not to have you feel you are ‘giving something up’ but rather that you are actually getting something even better (eventually you will have literally zero desire to drink, but there is invariably a transition period, even if the decision to stop drinking is a clear cut one).

Some Ideas For Replacing Alcohol Consumption

  • Take a walk.

  • Have that same meal (let’s say you drink at dinner) in some new place where there is no alcohol – eg get takeout food and go watch the sunset with a friend or partner.

  • Get a massage during the same time you otherwise would be drinking.

  • Think of other ‘replacement’ activities or places (e.g. in my town there are many eating establishments that don’t serve alcohol).

I realize I am just scratching the surface on this subject that is both complex and simple at the same time. One last analogy before I let you go. For those of you who had or know someone who had Lasik performed on their eyes, you will relate to the reaction everyone has which is in effect, “omg, I can’t believe how well I can see and that everything was blurry for so long!” With one simple procedure, things become very clear and the idea of ‘going back’ to when you couldn’t make out street signs while you were driving is forever gone. Stopping drinking alcohol is like that…times a thousand, as it affects so many aspects of your life. Many of us are like the proverbial frog; the heat gets turned up a degree or 2 every year so we get used to the ever hotter water and don’t realize we are actually getting cooked to death. What you need to understand – intellectually at this point, but my goal is eventually (and sooner than later) - is that it feels so incredibly good to feel so incredibly good. I know that sounds simple, even obvious, but when you are used to feeling so-so all the time, that becomes your norm, that is your standard. So in effect you no longer know what it feels like to have off-the-charts energy, to have a brain that is clear and powerful, a body that is young and vibrant. I want to be the catalyst for your journey to the other side.

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