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The Real 1% And What That Means For You.

You've heard of the 80/20 rule: 20% of your sales force generates 80% of your sales, or 20% of your activity is responsible for 80% of your results. I would argue there is a more powerful ratio than that, the 99/1 rule.

Specifically, about 1% of your decisions impact 99% of your life, your health, your energy… your happiness. Many people think to themselves, ‘…well my life is already set in stone…there is nothing I can do to change my tough circumstances….’. The reality is that by making just a few conscious, key decisions, you can dramatically alter your life for the positive here forward.

7 Key Decisions That Will (Positively!) Alter Your Life

  1. Choose to workout consistently (or more effectively if you do so already).

  2. Choose to get off social media (unless for business) and use that time to contact (real) friends by phone or in person.

  3. Choose to stop or dramatically reduce the alcohol you consume: life changer in so many ways.

  4. Choose to spend less time on your phone emailing, texting and surfing garbage.

  5. Choose to start each day being thankful for important things in your life (health, family, relationships, etc.) and visualize a positive, successful day.

  6. Choose to focus on either your breath, or something you are thankful for, or both, when bad memories enter your mind. This will shift you back to the present.

When your mind wanders into the future and conjures up some ‘inevitable’ negative outcome, ask yourself if that is the only possibility; if you are certain that is going to occur.

When you ask yourself (and I mean literally ask yourself the question – out loud if you are alone, or to yourself if around others) in a brutally honest, point blank way, you basically call yourself out on your own bullshit. Then laugh at your brain and tell it how silly it is to think of such unlikely scenarios - and get back to doing positive things in the moment to shape your future in the way you want to, not the way your brain tells you it will unfold.

Think about all the things we do in our lives, all the things we think about, how complex this world of over 7 billion people is. Yet if you just make a few different choices, your life can be dramatically different for the better. Not in a day, but pretty quickly. Will you try one of them for a week or two and see the results? I think you will find that without even consciously making the effort, you will spend more time on areas of high importance and quality in your life like health, relationships, etc – and your happiness will magnify.

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