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Health Hacks 6/7/17


Drink less alcohol. This is the single best thing you can do to improve your brain. If you are not convinced, just google “how does alcohol impact our brains?” (or some version thereof) and read on.


Look to reduce calories with the drinks you consume. Water is not only really good for your body, your skin, to drop fat, etc., it’s the original zero calorie drink! If you find yourself drinking a lot of sodas (even ‘diet’), fruit juices, and the like (the one exception being pressed juices that are largely made with veggies – these are very low in calories and high in nutrition), substitute as many as possible with water.

Weight Training

When lifting a given muscle group, really put your mind ‘inside’ the muscle. Before doing an exercise - and during - picture the muscle in your mind’s eye. Visualize it getting stronger, more toned. This will serve a couple purposes. First, it will put your awareness in the moment rather than drifting off to the past or future. Secondly, there is a strong mind/body connection, and seeing the outcome you are after will help you to get there. I know this may sound ‘out there’ but just try it. You need to think about something when you work out, why not picture your legs getting super strong and toned as you do squats or lunges…what is the downside? You may be surprised as to the positive results.


Workout to music. This will help you to go harder which will lead to better results, a stronger heart, more calories burned, etc. It also tends to make the time go by more quickly. If you already listen to music, great – try some new songs for renewed motivation.


Start each day giving thanks. Make a list of things for which you are truly thankful. We tend to take things for granted after a while – our health, people in our lives, being able to breath, our beautiful surroundings…. By giving thanks – sincere appreciation & gratitude – each morning, we shift our attention to the present and put ourselves in a positive mood. It’a hard to start the day ‘on the wrong foot’ when you recite a list (with sincerity!) of the amazing things in your life.

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