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Happy Holidays – and Every Days

People often confuse pleasure with happiness. Pleasure is a momentary, transitory, feeling and generally comes from something external like eating a hot fudge Sunday or having sex. Happiness comes from within, and at its fundamental core represents the true alignment of our values and actions.

Think about it: when someone is deep down unhappy, it is usually because they know they should be doing something (or not doing something), yet the do/don’t do it anyway. Someone may value health - being active and lean - yet if they go through an extended period of eating poorly and not exercising, they become deep down unhappy (or in the case of someone who is otherwise active/healthy but gets injured, they can become temporarily depressed until they can get back to their routine). There are countless other examples when it comes to relationships, how we value saving money, etc.

Want to get happier? Write down the things that are important to you, that you value (not that bring you temporary pleasure) – being fit, saving for a child’s education, having a good relationship with your partner…. Then identify the gap between what you aspire to and your actions. You don’t need to ‘get there’ to be happy, but you need to be making progress in that direction. Daily progress towards things we value is the secret to being perpetually happy.

Stay Disciplined My Friends!

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