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TIme is Money

Time is Money

I remember as a kid seeing these contest shows where the winner was put into a booth and given a minute or two to collect as many floating dollars as possible. It is amazing what can be accomplished when there is a clear deadline, an end point in mind.

These days when I go to the gym I see people spending more time staring at their phones than lifting weights. 10 seconds on (doing bench press, etc.), 3 to 4 minutes off (looking at texts, surfing the web, checking out social media, etc.). What a monumental waste of time.

The next time you are planning a workout, pick 2 muscle groups plus abs. For example biceps/triceps and abs, or shoulders/back and abs. Set your timer for 45 minutes and have the mindset that you are trying to lift as many pounds as possible until the clock strikes zero. Once the 45 minutes are done, leave the gym. I can assure you that you will get in more lifting – and improve your strength/endurance - more than someone who goes to the gym for twice as long but spends more time exercising his thumbs than major muscle groups.

Do one pull exercise (e.g. bicep curls) immediately followed by one push exercise (e.g. tricep press) immediately followed by abs. Repeat for 45 minutes (after a light 10 minute cardio warm up and a few weight warm up sets). There should be no rest time between exercises as the circuit naturally allows each muscle group to rest while you do the others. (if you approach your workouts this way,) You will be amazed at how much lifting you can get in – and how quickly you can get into shape –. 45 minutes may not seem like a lot of time if you are used to being in the gym for an hour or more, but if you are disciplined and go from one exercise to the next without stopping, it may actually take you a month or two to build up to 45 minutes.

As we get older we appreciate how fleeting life can be. Every moment, each heartbeat, is precious. Don’t waste them glaring at a piece of plastic during the sacred time you have set aside to improve your priceless health. In fact, put away your phone entirely. You will not miss anything. Instead of viewing some pointless social media post or news article, visualize your muscles growing and getting healthier as you lift. The mind body connection is potent; don’t underestimate the positive impact focus can have during these critical moments of improving your body.

I’m happy to help you with specific exercise routines; if you’re not sure where to start shoot me a message and we’ll chat.

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