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The Power of a Training Partner

It is not coincidental that some of the greatest accomplishments – be it in the realm of business, athletics, arts or sciences - came from partnerships or teams. Indeed, under the right circumstances, 1+1 can truly equal 3 or more.

When it comes to your health and athletic pursuits, this is especially true. Even for those who have tremendous discipline and focus, having someone to hold you accountable, share or support your goal, and literally being there during intense workouts, can make the difference between a good and great outcome. Here are some practical areas you can apply the power of having a training partner:

  • When you set a goal, e.g. to lose 20 pounds of weight in 90 days (see previous newsletters on how to effectively set goals –, communicate this to a friend or loved one. Ask them to check in with you periodically and give them the freedom to hold you accountable to yourself and your goal. Depending on the relationship, this can be done in a fun and competitive way.

  • Find a training partner for your gym or cardio workouts, ideally someone who is a bit better than you are. Not only will you each make sure the other shows up to the workout, but you will push each other harder than you could go on your own. There is nothing like the sound of footsteps getting ever closer to you, or someone encouraging you to do another rep of bench press when you are struggling, to bring your workout to an entirely new level. It is at this expanded level that physical and spiritual growth occurs, so embrace pushing each other harder than you think you can go.

  • Create a friendly but real competition between the two of you with actual consequences like one person having to buy the other a ‘reward meal’ when you hit your goal (lifting a certain amount of weight, doing a specific number of chin ups, getting your mile time below a particular level, etc.). It is important to reward yourself when you hit your goals, and who better to do this with than the person who pushed you to become the best you possible.

Not only does having a training partner help you achieve your goals, it makes the process even more enjoyable and rewarding along the way. Sure, sometimes you feel like working out alone or practically speaking it is hard to arrange schedules. That said, if you can involve others in part of your health routine or identify a specific goal you can share – and participate – with others, it will lead to even greater heights and joy in your never-ending journey for profound health, happiness, and personal growth.

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